Reel Slots

You are going read about the reel slot, the types of three reel slots which include The Double Magic, Cool Buck and The Goblins Gold. The factors that affect the player in a game varies from that that affects him in another game, with the right tips he stands a chance to win most of the time.

How it works

In this game, the player decides how fast the game is to be, the aim of the game is for him to line up symbols that are the same at the payline. The combination once right gives the player a win. The types of reel slots available to play include the double magic, which has only one payline, the Cool Buck which differs from the Double only with the 3 Pay lines it has and 5 Pay lines.

Playing this game is as close to working a lot of machines simultaneously. Here the player is privileged and granted an opportunity to lay his bet on more than one game at once. He can play bet on 2 games or chose to bet on 9 games. He is the king of the slot and determines what happens except the arrangement of the winning combinations that is a matter of luck.

The games offer bonuses to the player at different points. This is a feature of the three reel slots that makes it appealing, exciting and interesting. It differentiates it from other casino games. The bonuses include the sizzling scorpion and the wheel of fortune.

There are factors that can affect the player in the course of the game:

  1. Payouts
  2. The reels numbers
  3. The nature of the reel (single pay lines or multiple)
  4. Denomination of the coin used

Three Reel Slot Tips

The 3 tips below are outlined to help the player understand the slot better.

  1. Depending on the slot the symbol will vary so the player should know the winning symbols that make up the jackpots for the game he is playing
  2. The player should understand what is meant by coin size, coins bet, pay lines (single and Multiple) and Maximum bet.
  3. The player should know that the coin size and the coin payout are related. The coin size determines what the win will be.
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