Feature Slots

There are 5 reel slot games that make up the feature slots. These games are the commonest types of 5 reel slot games. There is one thing peculiar about these games. Each of the feature slots is not only unique in itself, but it has its own unique bonuses. None of the feature slot has the same feature and they also vary in their bonuses.

A typical example of a feature slots is the Witches Wealth. This 5 reel slot game has its own features and also special bonus. It has two bonuses attached to it. In the game, there is wheel that you will spin in order to get the bonus. When you spin the wheel you can win the first bonus or the second bonus. The second bonus will take you to a game.

In the game your target is to not allow a falling object to hit you as you are trying to release Mr. Twinkles. When you succeed in this game another bonus awaits you. Any of the feature slots has its own strategy for winning.

The nature of feature slots jackpot

The jackpots for all the feature slots are not the same. They differ in their jackpot as well. The least jackpot is 5 000. There are also a jackpot which is as huge as 50 000. The essence of these varieties of jackpot is to make room for any level of player to play the feature slots no matter the type with excitement and also to derive fun from it. It does not end at getting fun and excitement; you will also win some prices while playing the games.

There is more to playing the feature slots, besides the bonuses you are entitled to. Every casino game is meant to offer its player some gambling experience. This is exactly what feature slots games do for you. If you really desire to have a thrilling experience then playing feature slots is an option for you. Each of these feature slots game is designed to provide the player a real satisfying gambling experience. Besides, as you increase your gambling experience you stand the chance of winning your money.

Some of the feature slots offer games that are designed to replicate some TV programs or some interesting games. Such program as Tomb Raider is played in some of the feature slots. This game is very interesting and this explains why it is popularly played by many gamblers through our online casino.

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