History and Types of Slot Machines

For a long period of time slot games were extremely popular. Nowadays a lot of modern slot machines appeared with bright animation great special effects and profitable bonuses. We can observe the development of both land and online Slots.

The history of slot machines

The history of Slots invention dates back to 1895. The first Slots machine was built and designed by Charles Fey. This machine was available to players in 1895 and named after the saloon in San Francisco (Liberty Belle) the Liberty bell. It became extremely popular among gamblers.

Later, recognizing the success and potential of this untapped market Fey decided to set up a company that would be concentrated only on the manufacture and design of slot machines.

For the next fifty years "Charles Fey and Company Inc." would go on to rule the slots industry because classical slots with 3 reels are still very popular.

Classical Slots

Classical 3-reeld slots are very simple and can be found in any slots casinos no matter whether it is land-based or online casino. 3-reeld slot machines are also called fruit machines as they obligatory have various fruit symbols. Such slot machines have either such symbols as "7" and "bar".

Types of slot machines

There are several types of slot machines. The main difference is the quantity of reels. Most common are 3-reeld slots, 5-reeld slots and 7-reeld slots but their amount may reach 21. Modern sites offer a lot of additional opportunities and one of the greatest achievements is no download slot machines.


Symbols are various. First classical slots symbols were fruits, numbers, cards, animals. Great technical progress brought the possibility to create whole images. New slot machines propose not only various themes and styles but also the great variety of bonuses and additional opportunities.

Online casinos

First online casinos appeared in 1990s and now it is one of the strongest industry. It is really easy to play online slot machine. You just click a computer mouse and the action begins. You may choose how to play for real cash or for free. When you chose to play for real cash you are to examine slot strategies and tips.

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