Description of Slot Terminology

Slots are the most played games and very simple to play. You should only slide a few coins into the Slot machine, push a button and enjoy the game. So, the entire process takes a few seconds. But, like any other game, Slots have its peculiarities and complications.

There are a lot of types of slot machines: classical 3-reeld slots, 5-reeld slots, progressive slots and some others.

Online slot machines

One of the latest types of slots machines is online slot machine that can be gambled online in slot casinos. They are programmed by computer to give random combinations of symbols all the time. As usual software suppliers try to produce online slots that don't need downloading and installation, but are based on online browser.

Slot games were the first games that moved from real casinos to virtual world of casinos. Actually, internet slots gave the game the second birth. Due to modern technologies sometimes slots machines can appear to be better than real ones in Las Vegas.

Before starting to play naturally arises the question what is slot machine payout.

Reels and pay lines

It's a nobodies' secret that all online and offline slot machines have pay lines and reels. The reels conclude symbols and spin after pushing the button. Pay lines represent the result of the spinning that is combination of symbols. Each slot machine has its own number of pay lines.

Pay Table

Pay table exists to inform you about the winning combination of symbols. It also provides you information about the amount of coins you'll win. Sometimes pay table may be situated on the second screen or somewhere out of the game

Main Buttons on Slot Machines

"Service" This button is used for calling a slot attendant in the case of machine is malfunctions. "Bet One" is one that wagers credits in increments. "Bet Max" bets multiple credits and activates a slit mechanism. "Cash out" is used when a player need to cash out.

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