Standard Deviation

You should have an approach that you will use when playing the slot machine, this machine can be faced with numerous approach. The strategy that applies a mathematic equation known as a Standard Deviation approach can be used. If you give in to some practice you will find this approach helping you to know how your chances are when it comes to winning at the slot machine even without having to apply any complex equation, for it can be done right there in your head.

To use this approach you follow three basic steps

  1. Locate the chime whose pay out is relative to the amount of coin that is used to play the bet. This is known as the Equal pay. This is easy to find. When the pay you get out of a bet that was place at 1 coin is 10 coins, then you know you have discovered the Equal pay.
  2. Here you do the mathematical wok of locating the number it takes before you win a spin. This is known as the standard number. When trying to find out this standard number you should not place large bets, this stage is the experimental and determining stage for the strategy you have in mind.
  3. This is the final stage; it is here that you put down the number of spins it takes to have a winning spin. Take for instance that at stage two you were able to discover that the wining spins falls between 10 and 14, you can calculate the average. This average which is twelve gives you the standard no.

To use this approach having gotten the Standard number, you increase your bet when you get to the standard number and reduce it when out of the range.

Employing One-Play Strategy

This strategy does not use the standard number, it only requires you to play the highest possible amount on the slot once, if this gives you a win, then remain there and play more, but should you loose, switch to another sloth machine.

This approach requires that if the slots pay is between a multiple of 1-3 of your bet, play again once, if it is a multiple of 4 and above play thrice.

While this strategy might seem appealing you should try both strategy and determine which of then works for you.

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