There are different strategies of playing slots like Martingale strategy which gives the player a chance to have his bet doubled so as to get the chance to recovering from previous loss that was made.

This also will give the player a chance to still have some winnings in his pocket. While this approach is seen commonly among the Roulette Players, especially those that are considered as professional, it can also be used while one is playing the slot especially on the internet - PokerStars Casino Review.

Martingale for Slots

To begin this approach you need to first of all implement your plan. It will require that you go for the slot that provides you the chance to bet big. This can be found among the ones that offer a 25 pay lines for coins value of 0.01 when you bet on them. This should be your target. It is not advisable to start the game with large bets; all that you need is to choose the slot that gives you an opportunity to place a large bet.

The next stage in the plan is to begin the execution. For the first round make your bet and spin, collect whatever you have won during this round and maintain this low bet of yours. As the chance of winning is also same as losing, there is the possibility that you might lose. If this happens, increase your bet by just I bet line and continue the game.

On getting to round two of the game, if you happen to win receive your winnings immediately and then return back to the first round. The first round refers to the round you made your lowest bet. Should you lose in the round two, then you can also increase your bet as you did in the round one.

In this case you are to add 1 line continually until you get to the maximum lines you can bet on. If you are still losing when you get to the peak of the lines; you can then proceed to increasing the value of the coin you are betting on. Should there still be no luck in winning, increase the level you are betting on until you reach the maximum available at this point make a spin which you should be the last.

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